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How to travel with kids


Mother's Day is upon us again and here at the Scrubba wash bag we've decided to celebrate by sharing our top 10 tips for travelling with children - just to help the globetrotting families among us prepare for the big day. It might seem difficult or close to impossible at first (those tiny humans we cherish often have a mind that seems completely at odds with our own and who would have thought that something so small could be such a bundle of energy?) but the enthusiastic travelling parents in our office have assured us it can, in fact, be done in an enjoyable and engaging way. So whether you're planning on flying with an infant, travelling with a toddler, or touring with the whole family, check out our tips for taking a load off this Mother's Day by exploring your favourite location with your favourite people! The parents in our office have also put their heads together to share some of the child and baby Pinterest travel hacks they love, so stay tuned for some awesome tips and hacks that will help complement your family travels both now and in the future. 

 Flying with an infant


1. Book in Advance

This one can be difficult for those spontaneous travellers among us, but the reality is that children, although often happy to follow their own whims or become distracted by something that seems totally unremarkable to us, are also creatures of habit. While missing out on the last available bed in the hotel, travelling overnight on a rickety bus, or pointing to a random destination on a map and wondering whose couch you'll be able to crash on when you arrive may all be part of the adventure for thrill-seeking adults, it becomes decidedly less exciting for both you and your fellow travellers when it involves hungry, jet-lagged kids. Book ahead to avoid distress and ensure you always have the facilities you want ready and waiting. 


2. Pack Hand Sanitiser

Travelling is never going to be the most hygienic thing in the world, but that doesn't mean you can't help the process a little by packing plenty of hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. Ensuring your little one's hands are clean and giving their general space and cutlery a quick wipe to help cut down on germs can go a long way to keeping them happy and healthy throughout your trip. As an added bonus, it will likely instil good hygiene routines for the future.


3. Prepare a Good Medical Kit

While we're on the topic of hygiene, it would be highly remiss if we didn't mention the importance of packing basic first aid. Despite doing all you can to prevent your children from becoming sick, it's highly possible that new routines, new food, unfamiliar weather patterns and jet lag will result in minor illnesses, while enthusiastic toddlers still finding their feet are always susceptible to cuts and grazes. Help keep things flowing smoothly by packing your preferred medicine to handle minor ailments and don't forget to add other travel necessities including a thermometer, bandages, and antiseptic. 


4. Pack with Your Child

It's fine to let your child pack his or her own bag, but you should supervise to ensure they're taking appropriate items and not forgetting anything they might need. It's also a good idea for both you and your child to know where certain items are located to ensure quicker access and more efficiency on the road. Remember that rolling clothes is a great way to conserve space and simultaneously provide a fun activity for small children.  


How to pack for children's travel


5. Prepare Entertainment or Snack Packs

To help keep the kids satisfied during delays or long journeys, try preparing a small bag of snacks or entertainment. Something as simple as some pencils and paper or some cheese cubes and carrot sticks can help your child pass the time in relative comfort, enabling you to get on with organising or navigating. Packing snacks can also help you retain control over your child's diet, preventing the need to resort to sweets or other junk food while on the road and avoiding potential 'sugar rush' moments. 


6. Take Security Measures

If your kids are older, it can be helpful to use the tried and tested trick of choosing a place to meet up in the event that someone becomes detached from the group. Whenever you arrive at a new destination, simply choose the biggest, easiest to spot, or most obvious landmark in the vicinity and ensure everyone knows to meet back there. If your child is younger, other methods including an "ID bracelet or necklace" that contains your contact number, alongside other emergency details such as allergies or medical conditions, can help keep your child safe and enable people to get in touch quickly and efficiently in the event that your child becomes lost. 


7. Involve Your Kids in the Trip

Many children are curious and will actually become a lot more interested in the sites and the destination itself if you tell them what they're looking at and why you've decided to visit. Consider doing a little research so that you can share some of the more interesting details with your children, being sure to exploit any particular interests in history, science etc. so that you're keeping them engaged while teaching them something at the same time. You might also like to consider giving your kids the option to choose a couple of destinations along the way. After all, if they feel included and are interested in the sites they're visiting, they're more likely to participate and enjoy the trip. As an added bonus, looking over a map of your chosen destination and planning out routes and pit stops can be a great bonding activity that is simultaneously fun and educational. 


Keep kids entertained on holiday


8. Pencil in Plenty of Toilet Stops

You might pride yourself on your heroic, only-needs-emptying-twice-a-day bladder, but not everyone has such masterful control over their bodily functions, especially not children who often don't realise they need to go until it's almost too late. Do yourself a favour and add plenty of loo stops to the itinerary to avoid accidents and keep everyone happy. 


9. Encourage Journal Writing

If your child is slightly older, try encouraging them to document their travels. Journaling is fantastic for honing writing skills, for providing a fun project, and for helping kids remember their trip for years to come. For the more artsy child, journaling can be taken up a level by adding scrap booking elements. Simply help your child hold onto any meaningful tickets, business cards, brochures, coins, and other similar bits and pieces that might be collected during the trip, then stick them into the journal in relevant places to supplement the document with a little visual flair and tactile nuance.

 Kid's Travel Journal


10. Pack a Scrubba wash bag

Weighing only 142g and folding down to pocket-size, our very own Scrubba wash bag takes care of spills and messes in only 3 minutes, all while providing a machine quality wash. Requiring no electricity and avoiding the need to spend substantial time and money on hotel laundry, the Scrubba wash bag is a quick, fun, mess-free, and family-friendly way to take care of the mundane task of washing clothes both indoors and out, as the below Instagram video from our fans over at Oz Family Road Trippers highlights!



Top Travel with Kids Hacks as Seen on Pinterest

As research for this post, the Scrubba wash bag team dove headfirst into the wonderful world of Pinterest! We've saved some of our favourite hacks that might come in useful for all you travelling parents below.


We love this cost effective, DIY activity organiser for the car, upcycled from a canvas shoe storage bag: 



And we can't get enough of this creative pulley system designed to make handing things over in the car easier than ever:



Making up snack boxes out of repurposed tackle boxes takes the idea of snack packs to a whole new level and it's fair to say we've become obsessed:



Repurposed shower caddies have never looked so good:



Finally, we love this DIY sippy cup leash, ensuring your little ones never lose their cups again:



Travelling with kids, flying with infants, or touring with toddlers will always be tough, but with a little perseverance, creativity, and the above tips, it can be done! Between choosing the best children's suitcase and most convenient travel organiser, you likely have enough on your mind already, so go ahead and save our handy guide below and keep it close by to help your next family holiday run as smoothly as possible.


Happy Mother's Day!


10 Tips for Travelling with Children Infographic

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