5 Reasons to Start Travelling Today

by Sam Stephens |

People travel for vastly different reasons including work, leisure, and education, but despite the different locations and purposes behind these journeys, most will agree that travel is singularly unique and beneficial. Indeed, many who have sampled a piece of the world map admit to becoming afflicted with a sort of insatiable wanderlust that constantly manages, against all odds, to overcome financial and other barriers. Why is this? What is it about travel that crosses age and cultural divides and links us through the shared identity of ‘the traveller?’ Why is it that so many people are scrambling to organise their next trip despite, at times, encountering hefty travel expenses or difficulties navigating remote or even dangerous regions that are exacerbated by challenging terrains and climates?

The reasons for travel are unique and often reflect the personalities and aspirations of individuals, making it difficult to generalise to the travelling population as a whole. Nevertheless, we here at the Scrubba have pooled our travelling experience to compile a top 5 list that we’ve all managed to agree on, so we thought it only fitting to share it with you here! If you’ve ever wondered what's so great about travel, or have struggled to explain your love of globetrotting to friends or family who are content to stay at home, we recommend you memorise the following list! Who knows, it might even give you or your non-travelling friends the infamous ‘travel bug’.

Expand your horizons:

Who doesn’t love to change things up a bit by adding new notches of experience to the belt of life? Visiting places that look a little different, that are governed by different laws and filled with unfamiliar people who have different cultural traditions, practice different beliefs, wear unfamiliar clothes, eat new foods, and look after plants and animals you’ve never before heard of, is a great way to expand your horizons and perhaps evaluate your own life from new, enlightening perspectives. Learn a little about humanity and the threads that connect us, whilst simultaneously gaining some knowledge about yourself through association with that which is vastly different. There’s nothing quite like it.

 Meet people and make new friends:

One of the greatest benefits of travel is meeting people from all over the globe and connecting with them through the unique experience of travel. Travel fosters friendship precisely because there’s no better bonding experience than attempting to conquer a foreign landscape whilst drinking in new, awe-inspiring sites, especially if you’re travelling solo (find out why you should) and are just jumping at any opportunity to speak to strangers in order to fulfil your daily ‘human contact’ quota. Global friends will expand your horizons, will almost certainly teach you something new about both yourself and the world, and will ultimately provide the invaluable comfort of a familiar face and possibly even a cosy home in an alien environment. It’s the sort of unique connection that everyone should experience, and it’s just one of the reasons why we’ll never stop travelling.

Learn something new:

Not only a new language, but a little geography, a touch of history, a sprinkle of politics, a dash of architecture, and just a drizzle of global culture and international relations. Oh, and did we mention the art of cooking and testing out new culinary styles? In short, travel teaches you an abundance of things, from previously unknown facts to more abstract qualities within yourself. Once obtained, these qualities can be further developed anywhere in the world, giving you the practical skills to conquer any imaginable scenario. We keep travelling precisely because the knowledge to be gained from it is infinite, and even if you’re convinced you have no interest in gaining said knowledge, it pays to remember that travel is a great way to discover a passion or hobby you never knew you had. After all, it only takes one unique animal or building or culinary dish to redirect your approach to a certain topic, enabling you to find beauty where you couldn't before.

Meet new flora and fauna:

No single country can boast all the world’s diverse landscapes and ecosystems, so we have to go looking for them! Lush rainforests, dense woodland, rolling deserts, sweeping tundras, vast icefields, infinite mountain ranges, raging oceans, colourful reefs, plunging cliffs, and docile lakes, all teeming with the unique vibrancy of life, make up just a handful of the earth’s beautiful, constantly changing surface. Travellers don’t just want to visit these regions – they have a burning desire to explore and experience them. After all, there’s nothing quite like seeing the sparkling ocean, the glistening snow, or the twisted peaks of rocky mountains for the first time. The traveller’s passion is to constantly recapture this sensation by visiting new and totally unfamiliar places that promise not only to change perspectives of the world, but to add even more fuel to an ever-increasing desire to scour every inch of it without delay.

Try new experiences and challenge yourself:

Why not hike up a mountain, swim with dolphins or sharks, skydive, bungee jump, take a cooking or language class, dog-sled, or rent an apartment and try living abroad for a few months? Travel not only gives you the opportunity to try things you might not be able to try at home, but also gives you the drive and confidence to experience them. From conquering a fear to checking something off your bucket list, travel can take you from one corner of the globe to the other, creating unforgettable memories in the process. It also provides a little time to disengage from this fast-paced, media-driven world, enabling you to spend some quality time reconnecting with the earth and, most importantly, with yourself and the relationships that add a little colour to your life.

And there you have it: the reasons behind the traveller’s rapidly dwindling funds, ridiculously large collection of novelty souvenirs, and rather haggard, jet-lagged countenance. We know it’s not always easy, but in exchange for new friends, new knowledge, new experiences, and unforgettable memories, it’s totally worth it!

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