Escape to the countryside - the best place to self-isolate.

Escape to the countryside - the best place to self-isolate. - Scrubba by Calibre8

How to really ‘self-isolate' - Go Backcountry ASAP!

self isolate with a Scrubba

Just months ago, Australia was on fire. Two months later as most of us are wiping our nervous brows and preparing to get on with our lives (meaning holidays…) some little thing called Covid-19 happened.

Right. So you can’t fly. There’s nothing to do at home. And, you shouldn’t go within 1.5 metres of just about anyone you don’t share a home with. What better time to get outdoors? There’s no social distancing needed when you’re hugging a tree. And, there’s certainly no reason why you can’t get the family in the wagon (or camper) and hit the road.

Make sure to pack your Scrubba wash bag as it will let you wash clothes anywhere, meaning you can pack less clothes and more essentials like food and toilet paper.  (Grab one here, if you like.)

There’s no better time than now to ‘self-isolate’ and help those affected by the recent bushfires at the same time.

If you’re currently in the south of Australia and looking to ‘get lost’ check out Roadtrip For Good ( It’s a website set up to help you plan a road trip throughout the southern states from Kangaroo Island to Coffs Harbour.

Whether you’re interested in eating, drinking, shopping they have some great itineraries worked out for you in case you just want to head straight to the car and driveway. 

RV Friendly TownFor those who prefer to scroll ‘The Gram’ and who are inspired more by visuals than maps, Emptyesky your solution to finding the right spot to self-isolate and keep the government happy.

By their own account “Empty Esky is a national tourism movement of foodies and adventurers on a mission to support small businesses affected by the Australian fires."

In NSW there are a few spots that are up and running, having begun to recover from the fires.

Jervis Bay, Port Maquarie, Coffs Harbour and Batemans Bay. The Blue mountains are back open and while they might be in 'true blue' form the seeing the regrowth developing as they recover is a spectacle of to behold. More here.

In SA, The Adelaide Hills has also reopened. There’s plenty to see and do – especially if you don’t mind a sip of the old ‘vino’.  More here.

For further information and tips on how and where to go see the here – the Australian Government Tourism website. More here.

Backcountry self isolation

Looking to go get find a campsite that’s way out there?

Here are some of the best that proves you can’t go too far to find a great place to self-isolate. There's a long, long, big list, but if we had to pick our two favourites would be...

1. Lucky Bay, WA 

One of the far cheaper remote sights Lucky Bay is a laid-back piece of paradise. The campsite offers amazing views overlooking the beach. You can fish, swim or just lay on the beach. If you get itchy feet, there are plenty of trails to set off on. Lucky Bay is just past Esperance in WA’s south.

Self-isolation back country lost australia

2. Mt Field National Park, TAS

Almost hidden away amongst some of Tasmania’s greenest greenery Mt Field is Tasmania oldest. Home Tasmania’s most spectacular waterfall and native species you won’t feel alone despite how remote you are. 

It's about 60 km northwest of Hobart. With only 14 sites there won’t be too many to bother you it doesn’t mean you still don’t need to make sure to book.

Find more amazing remote locations here:

1. Australian Traveller

2. Hemamaps

Oh, last thing, make sure to keep clean, wash your hands (and clothes with your Scrubba!).


Need tips for what to take?

Definitely think about some extra soap, or hand sanitiser (if you can get it). Solar panels are getting cheaper, smaller and more efficient - this will allow you keep a phone on in case you're needed, or catch up on everything on Netflix...

Water purifying tablets would be great, or even better a Life Straw. Having used on recently up north in the NT we can honestly say it was a godsend. 

If you're looking to spend some serious time away, or even a cheeky weekend adventure, taking a Scrubba wash bag is perfect for packing less and lighter. Just think about the extra food and water or extra bottles of wine and beer you'll be able to pack... If you don’t have one you can find out more here


If you have any tips on locations or on what to take please get in touch via email, or FB, or Insta and we'll add them to this list!


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