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Vote for your Favourite Scrubba Video to Win A Scrubba Wash Pack & Air Sleeve!

Check out our favourite videos from the past few years and vote to enter. We'll announce the winner on Friday 15th February, 2019.
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The right way to carry a washing machine up a mountain

Made in 2013 this was....
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Testing Scrubba Gear

Take a quick, wet, trip to Havasupai - Arizona USA
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It's Light As..

How many helium balloons does it take to lift a washing machine? It is probably a lot less than you think.
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Clean Clothes Anywhere (Anytime)

Sometimes you just need a Scrubba!
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Perfect For A Day Out

A Scrubba wash bag, that's also a backpack, compression bag and shower!
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When the Going Gets Tough
(The Tough Get The Scrubba Tactical)

The Scrubba tactical wash bag promises to keep you clean on any mission, even if you are just chilling at the family caravan park.
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Road-tripping Scrubba-style. Disaster can strike on any trip so be prepared by packing a Scrubba wash bag. This funny video show how easy it is to use the Scrubba wash bag anywhere and anytime.
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Pack a Scrubba wash bag

Imagine the freedom when you travel with a portable washing machine that can fit in your pocket.
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How to clean your clothes anywhere

The Scrubba wash bag is the best way to wash clothes anywhere, whether you are backpacking, camping, on holiday or need to hand wash at home. ]
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The Best Ipad / Laptop Sleeve

The versatile Scrubba air sleeve promises to bring a little extra comfort, protection, and style right into your office on-the-go.
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