7 Types Of Travelers Who Would Love A Scrubba Wash Bag When They Travel Next

7 Types Of Travelers Who Would Love A Scrubba Wash Bag When They Travel Next

Chances are if you are reading this, you probably already own a Scrubba Wash Bag.

Chances are, too, that someone in your life might also need one...

To spare you the hard thinking, we’ve come up with a few little questions to help you narrow down just who you know that would find a Scrubba wash bag a valuable gift this festive season.


Here they are: 

  1. Has someone you know recently lost their luggage?
 Photo by Ante Hamersmit


We’ve all heard about the recent exponential increase in lost luggage, especially when flying. With a Scrubba wash bag, they can pack less and go ‘carry-on’. Why not get them a Scrubba wash bag? That way, the only luggage they can lose is the bag they’re carrying. Oh, and of course, they save on baggage fees!
  1. Do they hate packing?
Someone who hates packing
If you know someone who hates packing and leaves it to the last minute by procrastinating, leaving you stressed that a flight will be missed?
If they had a Scrubba wash bag, not only would they need to pack less, but their luggage weight could be halved, and their packing time would also be. That’s a win-win for you and them :) If they also hate unpacking, well, there will be less to do, so again, problem solved.
  1. Are they minimalists?
Minimalists would love a Scrubba Wash Bag
Some people don’t need to travel with much. They pack light. They may already ‘carry-on’. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to challenge them to pack lighter. Get them a Scrubba wash bag and set them the task!
  1. Do they dislike airlines?
Less frustration if you pack with a Scrubba Wash Bag
We all know at least one person who has had issues with an airline at some time. It could have been while buying airline tickets, waiting in lines, or have had lost baggage.
It could be the additional fees, or it could be that they always wait until the last minute and must pay the last-minute flight rates. It could also be the cost, the process of buying tickets, or their lack of patience in waiting at the baggage terminal.
Whatever their issues are, a Scrubba will let them cut through the airline red tape and ease their pain.
 6. Are they eco-conscious?
A Scrubba Wash Bag for eco-conscious travelers
Traveling lighter and decreasing your carbon footprint is fast becoming the norm, and the Scrubba wash bag can help. The less they carry, the less they need to worry about the extra CO2 they emit. Not only that, where the Scrubba wash bag comes into its own is the water and electricity savings when they’re traveling by not having to have their clothes washed. That’s got to be good for them as well as the planet.
  1. Are they on a budget?
hostel sign for budget travelers
Lots to unpack here (pun not intended). If someone you know is about to travel on a budget, a Scrubba wash bag will help them save money. They can save money by washing their own clothes (especially in Europe) while paying less in baggage fees or baggage handling tips. The Scrubba wash bag, even as a gift, pays for itself.
  1. Do they have nice clothes?
women packing suitcase with nice clothes
Image by Sabrina C 
Does someone you know like to travel with clothes they would rue to lose? Maybe they have delicate garments that need special care while being washed. A Scrubba wash bag or an Allurette delicates washer is a perfect way for them to look after their own clothes. They then won’t have to worry about their clothes being lost, shrunk or damaged by any unknown hotel, hostel or cruise ship laundry.
There you have it!
If anyone has come to mind, the solution is just one click away...
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