How it Works

Follow the simple steps in this video to see how easy it is to wash clothes anywhere with the Scrubba wash bag:
The key to the Scrubba wash bag is the flexible internal washboard that provides a machine quality wash in just minutes, making it perfect for travel and camping.
Six easy steps are all it takes to wash your clothes in the Scrubba wash bag:
Fill, Roll & Clip, Deflate, Rub, Rinse and Dry.
1. Fill
Add water, cleaning liquid and clothes to the Scrubba™ 
  wash bag (20-40% volume).
2. Roll & Clip
Remove excess air from the bag
Roll down top at least 4-5 times and clip ends.
3. Deflate
Twist the valve and press down on the bag to expel any excess air from the Scrubba wash bag.
4. Rub
Press down and rub clothes against the Scrubba wash 
  bag’s unique internal flexible washboard for 30 seconds 
  for a quick traveler wash or for 3 minutes for a machine 
  quality wash.
5. Rinse
Unclip and unroll the Scrubba wash bag’s seal.
Remove dirty water from the Scrubba wash bag.
Rinse clothes with fresh water in the Scrubba wash bag 
  or under a running tap or shower.
6. Dry
Dry the clothes with the The Scrubba Wash & Dry Kit.
Pat dry the clothes by wrapping and pressing the clothes 
  in the Scrubba towel.
Hang clothes to dry on the Scrubba travel clothesline.

Wring the clothes then par dry them in the Scrubba towel
The Scrubba wash bag is the easiest and most effective way to hand wash clothes when traveling, camping, trekking, hiking, on a cruise, on a business trip or even at home.
For quick explanation and review of the Scrubba see here: 

Care and Maintenance
Your Scrubba wash bag will last much longer if you look after it.
Following the instructions below will maximise the life-span of your Scrubba wash bag.
- Rinse and turn the Scrubba wash bag inside-out to dry after each use:
While the Scrubba wash bag uses microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU, air drying the inside of the bag will help it last longer and make it more hygienic. 
- Avoid exposure to heat or sunlight:
Exposure to temperatures over 50°C (122°F) or sunlight can damage the inner and outer coatings of the Scrubba wash bag.  Where possible dry the bag in the shade (it doesn't take long).
- Take care when washing clothes with zips, buckles or other hard features:
Wrapping the clothes to cover zips, buckles or other hard features can minimise
damage to the Scrubba wash bag.
- Avoid sharp or abrasive surfaces
While the Scrubba wash bag is designed to tackle rough terrain, where possible select the least abrasive surface available to use the Scrubba wash bag on.  Abrasive surfaces can accelerate the wear and tear of the Scrubba wash bag.  As with all waterproof products, try to clear sharp twigs and other objects from area to avoid puncture.