On The Road – with @KeepEnchanted From Finland to Norway...

On The Road – with @KeepEnchanted From Finland to Norway...
 For the month of May, and for the next two months, we’re joining our ambassadors, @keepenchanted, on the road as they discover some breathtaking parts of Europe – covering 45 thousand km, countless emotions, people to know and places to photograph.
As full-time vanlifers, Stefano and Veronica are also photographers, vloggers and content creators, who have been living and traveling in their van for 2 years. 
With a goal to inspire others to follow their dreams, to always be curious and explore the world, this romantic duo are the epitome of slow, thoughtful travel and making a minimal impact on the destinations they visit.
In their words: 

‘All you have to do is to continue to be curious, energetic, explorers, but above all .. KEEP AMAZING !!’

Quick note: All images and videos and commentary are created, owned and copyrighted by Keep Enchanted. The commentary below by Keep Enchanted has been translated automatically from Italian to English, with minor changes made by the Scrubba team where necessary to correct the Facebook translator's minor errors.

Let’s get into it!

May 1 – Finland

Close your eyes... imagine walking on a carpet of fresh snow, the icy wind on your face, -10 degrees, the creak with every step, ice crystals on the trees, so many reindeer, a small Sami village in Finland.. now open them, click play and enjoy this beauty.
In Norway, we are witnessing the melting of frozen lakes... Huge pieces of ice floating around creating really nice shapes!
Yet another gift from Mother Nature, you just have to be there and appreciate so much wonder!
Have you seen this yet?

 May 2 - Post 2

The more we live in nature, the more we realize how many things we can't control: wind, rain, moon, sun, animals...
We have to conform to Nature, we have to adapt, rather than the opposite.
We have nothing under control but ourselves and our attitude towards these events... and this is just the beauty!
Maybe a “standard” life in the city would allow us to have a lot more “under control” things... Or is it just an illusion? We like to live like this.
Nature makes us feel good.
How would your life change if you let everything out of your control go?

May 2 - Post 3

We wake up to this beautiful Sami village in the heart of Finland, Ste decides to raise his drone to capture all the beauty from above, but something goes wrong.... they mistake us for Russian Spies!

May 5 – Norway

Entering Norway and it's immediately magic! This magical nation welcomes us in the best way possible, look how cool!

May 7

One of the most AMAZING nights of our LIVES!

May 9

Let's drive in a surreal landscape! Looks like the road to heaven, crazy... ENJOY with US!

May 10

Driving in Norway is not easy at all! Every 10 [minutes] we stopped to photograph the beauties of the place, birds of all kinds, scary sea, epic light conditions, snow, ice, contrasts.. In fact, Veronichita is driving a lot lately, now it’s really good I’m trying to immortalize all this awesomeness!

May 10 Post 2

One of the most amazing nights of our lives! Here we are in the continental lighthouse in the world, 39m high, enjoying the northern lights.
Emotions, tears, pure happiness!
Life is good, life is wonderful!

May 12 - Finnmark - DISCOVERING

Norway is making us so much richer. We are driving so much to discover as much of this beautiful Earth as we can. We’re exploring unique villages, small and remote, each with its own traditions and characteristics.
It really is a paradise, spectacular places, roads high above the sea, eagles flying over your head, exquisite people and sensational spots immersed in nature!
Now the days are starting to get longer, we’ll see some good ones
Have you guys been yet?

May 13

A beautiful encounter in the great North!

 May 14 - Norway

Here in the great north, the distances are really long and we often take alternate driving... Veronichita is grinding many kilometres, I often fly the drone to try to capture these unique places! Behind every curve we are left speechless, the sunset light is something sensational and the spaces are truly limitless!
Follow the videos on YT these days because KEEP AIRLINES will take you to discover all this beauty.

May 15 - Northern cape

The journey to Northern Cape continues, we are forced to stop because of a snowstorm! Too dangerous to continue, visibility at the limit.. we woke up in Trolland!


Reaching Northern Cape was not easy at all! On the first attempt we ended up inside a snowstorm, no visibility, strong wind and -10 degrees... the bar was closed so we had to wait in Skarsvag (the northernmost fishing country in the world)!
But we didn’t give up, after two days a window of good weather opened and we tried again... this time it seemed like we were walking the road to heaven, all white around us, in the sky some clouds and the colors of the blue hour.. that was really exciting!
So, after 125 days, +13km traveled, +200 spots and 11 States, we have reached NORDKAPP!
Our perseverance was paid off by the most beautiful spectacle, after a beautiful snowfall, the sky opened and SHE came!
The cold and wind were no longer a problem, we stood outside for hours enjoying that magical moment, glad we made another BIG DREAM come true!
A special thank you to Eberspächer Group and Beltramo Campers that accompanied us on this incredible adventure!
Life is so wonderful!


How do you wash clothes in a camper?
It’s a comfortable bag with micro balls inside, water, bio soap and go! We’ve been using it for several years now, but especially here in the great north, it’s really saving us… laundries are very rare, so we always use it. Trying to never accumulate too much stuff, we have two so we get to wash both clothes every 3/4 days!
Then heat ball and Big Oz bathroom becomes hell, dries everything in a few hours

May 19 - EXTREME

We're really squeezing Big Oz like a chick on this trip!
We've never spent so much time in the cold, the truth is, with extreme conditions, icy roads and lots of snow.
In spite of this, our camper is doing great, keeping us warm and grinding miles... Of course, there were no shortage of problems; frozen pipes, water pumps breaking at the worst moments, motor battery down for the cold, Sterling to replace, chipped windscreen and a few more scratches  But this is also an experience that enters, adventure, and it’s all part of the game!
We promised Big Oz that when we get back, we’ll take him somewhere warm Recommendations on the best spa for a Van?


We love working immersed in nature, with the window open in the company of thousands of birds and the sound of the sea. The biggest problem is staying focused. Is the office better or nature?

May 23 - HIKING

After several days of snow and rain, finally a beautiful sunny day.. We took advantage of it for a nice trek, walking in these scenarios gives you goosebumps! Mountains bursting directly out of the sea creating unique shapes and lines, the cold Norwegian sea and the eagles overhead making you understand who's in charge in these areas.
Have you seen the queen of the peaks yet?
We love walking and exploring areas we don’t know, that day there was a strong wind blowing from the sea towards the mountains, pushing hard on the sails of those boats in the distance.. They are also there enjoying the show of the Norwegian sea, enchanting landscapes and peaks!
A beautiful trek immersed in the Norwegian Alps, when we reached the summit the view of the fjords was sensational!
For the return to Big Oz we followed the track on the clock @garminitaly, loyal adventure companions.
May 31
We are so grateful to be LIVING all of this!

Stay tuned for @KeepEnchanted updates in June.

All images by Keep Enchanted