Our First (and last) straw!

Scrubba Eco Silicone Straws Replaces Single Use Plastic Straws

 Did you know that oldest straw that’s ever been found was made of gold?

It’s hard to imagine you would throw it away after just one use, isn’t it? What if every straw today was made of gold? While that is insanely impossible it’s a little easier to imagine that the only way one would end up landfill was if it was thrown out by accident - unlike the millions of single-use plastic straws that currently end up in landfill.

This year we’re introducing our Scrubba straws. Made from the same ultra-high food grade silicone they’re the last straw you’ll ever need. You’ll never need to worry about drinking from a random bottle, or having to use single use plastic straws on planes, airports, from takeaway restaurants; or even at home, or cafes when you’re not travelling.

The history of straws.  ‘Water tubes’, ‘Drinking tubes’, or as you might know them ‘drinking straws’ have been around since 3000 BC. It’s believed that they were originally used to drink beer as a way to prevent the user from drinking the fermented foamy dregs that floated to the top of the cup.

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Moving forward 5000 years and we are still using straws (now billions of them) for a multitude more purposes ranging from hygiene to handicrafts (the former being their most noble cause). We’ve got curly straws, spoon straws, bendable straws, temperature-sensitive straws and that’s just the plastic straws.


It's estimated that in Australia, 10 million single use plastic straws are used every day. In America, it's 500 million each day (easily more than one per person), while Europe goes through a staggering 25.3 billion plastic straws every year.

Most of these plastic straws end up in landfill or waterways, posing a huge environmental concern.  

Last year, Seattle become the world largest city to ban plastic drinking - McDonald's UK has recently followed suit. Increasingly, people are moving away from single-use straws and either going strawless or bringing their own reusable straw.


On a light note...Fun Straw Facts!

Did you know the wax paper straw was created in 1988 by a man who disliked that the grass straw he was using tainted the taste of his drink? He first created the paper straw then added the wax to prevent his bourbon from quickly dissolving the glue holding the paper together!

The bendy straw was invented in 1930 by an inventor Joseph Friedman who noticed his daughter struggling to bend her milkshake straw to her mouth. Hospitals took on the bendy straw as they allow unable patients to get drinks to their mouth.

Krazy Straws knows, the straws were first mass-produced by 1961. The original was an accident, a glassblower’s mistake, most likely made in Ohio during or before the 1940s.

Photo by Tara Winstead

So, what can you do?

It's Simple. Don't use a straw unless you need to. If you do need to use a straw ask for paper one, or bring your own reusable straw. This is where we come in. Now you can easily do your part to help end plastic waste with reusable Scrubba Silicone Straws, which come in a family 4-pack or an individual straw in a silicone carry pouch.

Next time you’re out at your favourite cafe, pub or resort, say no to a plastic straw and make use of your Scrubba Silicone Straw. When making yourself a morning iced coffee or juice at home or while travelling, don’t reach for another plastic straw, use your Scrubba Silicone Straw! Pop your Scrubba Silicone Straw in a cocktail, child's smoothie or simply a glass of water. Great for adults and kids alike.

With a handy pocket-sized Scrubba Silicone Carry Pouch, you can now hygienically take your Scrubba Silicone Straw with you wherever you go! 

The Scrubba silicone carry pouch is open ended and designed to keep your straw clean before use and minimise mess after use.  We recommend rinsing the straw prior to placing in the carry pouch after use or keeping the pouch upright (e.g. in a pocket) to avoid leakage.




  • Easy to clean with supplied cleaning rod
  • Three straw 'joints' for easy folding and storage
  • Food grade silicone
  • BPA-Free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Boilable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for use in cold and hot drinks
  • Protects teeth from acidic juices or staining liquids
  • Contours to your lips for easy drinking
  • Includes easy to clean Scrubba Silicone Carry Pouch ensuring hygienic straw portability!


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