The Dirt Laundry Company - helping you wash like the world depends on it!

The Dirt Laundry Company - helping you wash like the world depends on it!

The Dirt Company was founded on the belief that they could make sustainable household products that work, something people could fall in love with.

They took a less but better approach to product design. They formulated a product using pure and powerful ingredients and bare minimum packaging to deliver an innovative, useful, and thoughtful product that's good for the earth and will sit pretty on your washing machine.

Frankie Dit Founder 

“We never waste an opportunity to have an impact.”
Frankie, founder of The Dirt Company.

 It began in 2016 when the founders of the Dirt Laundry Company had an epiphany.

It was that household cleaning products that were filling their homes seemed to sit at either end of the spectrum; on one end, they were full of harsh, irritating, excess chemicals contained in extra packaging.

On the other end, they were built with the environment in mind, but as a result, they required us to sacrifice either in price or performance.

They wondered why there was not an environmentally friendly option, free from synthesised chemicals and excess packaging, that was affordable and performed exceptionally well.

As it turns out, it was possible to create products that could be powerful and environmentally friendlier.

“We're an idealistic lot who believe in a new kind of clean.”
Frankie, founder of The Dirt Company.

So, Frankie, Josh, Tom and Bill started creating formulas, exploring packaging options, building websites, washing clothes, doing business plans, and designing and washing more clothes until they were finally satisfied.

 The result was Dirt Laundry Detergent, an extremely high-performing laundry concentrate that’s great on your clothes, skin, planet, and hip pocket.


“I feel so proud of the company we’ve created. And I’m feeling more connected than ever before. I have endless enthusiasm ready to be directed toward the personal mission I share with their company: To make less harmful products the better choice for everyone.” Frankie, Founder of the Dirt Company, says.

Years in, they’re still committed to the mission to clean up the planet. From a refillable, reusable product design to their impact initiatives, they’re all about cleaning up waste while you wash, with programs such as: 

Creating a waste-less system

Their refillable, recycled product and Refill Return program prove that you can have exactly what you want and create absolutely no waste in the process. In the past three years, they have prevented more than 50 tonnes of plastic from ever being manufactured. It’s an enormous start. But because adding no additional plastic won't fix the current waste crisis, they also allocate 50% of their profits toward projects that tackle removing waste from the earth.

Designed for Impact

Four principles allow us to make pure and powerful products and keep thousands of kilograms of plastic from being manufactured in the process. They have turned their nose up at everything that is truly unsustainable. From plastic packaging to harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

They’re refusing plastic where they can.

Every opportunity they have had to refuse things that have a negative impact, they have.

They started with plastic. Plastic, once created, will always exist. The dispenser bottle is made from glass and drop protected with BPA-free silicone bumpers. It has a handy dose-measuring pump to make life easy. And it comes full.  

They have also stripped out unnecessary and harmful ingredients.

They use plant-based and organic active cleaning ingredients. Their formulas are 99% natural. Reuse everything possible. Through an initiative they call their Refill, Return program, they take back their refill packs, sanitise them, and refill them to be sent back to their customers.

They reuse all their packaging.

Through an initiative they call their Refill, Return program, they take back their refill packs (at their own expense), sanitise them, and refill them to be sent back to their customers.

All in all, the good news for all of us is that Dirt is available everywhere the postman delivers, or to pick up in person, their products are available at these stockists.

It certainly seems like the cleanest choice for your clothes, skin and environment.

With over 2000 five-star reviews, their laundry detergent starter pack is the perfect place to dip your toes and clothes water.

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