The Scrubba Air Sleeve wins the Smarter Travel (TripAdvisor) packing accessories gold award

by Natalie Simpson |

Scrubba’s favourite Air Sleeve has proven that it stands out amongst the fiercest competition after being awarded first-prize for the Smarter Travel 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards Packing Accessories.

Having launched in 2018 at the Travel Goods Associate Expo in Las Vegas in March of this year, our Air Sleeve was put to the test by Smarter Travel editors and passed with flying colours. Scoring top marks after being dropped, bumped and even having a hammer taken to it – the laptop inside emerged without a single scratch.

Doubling as an inflatable travel pillow, the Air Sleeve is perfect for any overworked commuter or world traveller. Simply inflate the sleeve, lay your head down and you’re good to go, whether that be at the airport, on the train or in the great outdoors.

With a soft shell water resistant exterior and weatherproof wrap around zippers you won’t fret taking your tech anywhere. Available in two universal colours, the Air Sleeve appeals to everyone.

Stress less about your tech - travel light and in comfort with the award winning Scrubba Air Sleeve.