Washing reusable masks in a Scrubba wash bag MINI (or original...)

Washing reusable masks in a Scrubba wash bag MINI (or original) - Scrubba by Calibre8
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Washing reusable masks in a Scrubba wash bag MINI (or original)

With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing and many of us now wearing multiple re-usable fabric masks each day when working, shopping, exercising or otherwise leaving the house, it is becoming more important for us to appropriately handle and wash the masks.

It turns out the Scrubba wash bags MINI is perfect for both tasks.


Handling your face mask

Fabric masks are good for a short period of time and reusable masks will need to be washed after every use. If the mask you have been wearing is a little wet or you have worn it for more than 2 hours, then you should replace it with a clean mask and store it in a sealable bag to prevent potential contamination of other surfaces.  The compact size of the Scrubba wash bag MINI makes it ideal for storing used masks. When taking a mask off, try to only touch the elastic straps and be sure to wash or sanitise your hands after taking an old mask off and before putting the new mask on.

Washing your reusable face mask 

You can wash your reusable face mask in a washing machine on a hot cycle and in a delicates bag to prevent the ear loops from tangling in the machine. However, given the need to wash masks on a daily basis, we have found the Scrubba wash bag MINI to be perfect.  Used masks can be safely stored in the bag throughout the day and then hot (but not boiling) water can be added along with cleaning liquid when it is time to clean them.  This minimises handling of used face masks and also keeps them separate from other clothing thereby avoiding potential cross-contamination. 


Washing in the Scrubba wash bag MINI is fast (a matter of minutes) and the performance is on par with a washing machine and twice as effective as handwashing in a sink.

As an added advantage, the Scrubba wash bag MINI uses minimal water and no electricity so it is good for the environment.


Detailed Steps for Washing Your Reusable Face Masks

  1. Place face mask in the Scrubba wash bag MINI then wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap or hand wash
  2. Add laundry liquid and hot water (around 60֯C)
  3. Optionally soak the face masks in the hot water for 10-20 minutes by closing the Scrubba wash bag MINI without deflating the air and stand the Scrubba wash bag MINI up (i.e. the bag should sit upright with the closure at the top)
  4. Deflate the air from the bag and rub the face masks against the inner washboard for up to 3 minutes.
  5. Discard the dirty water and add fresh water
  6. Close the bag without deflating the air and shake the bag to rinse
  7. Discard the dirty water and gently wring out the face masks
  8. Lay face masks in a Scrubba towel or Allurette towel and roll up the towel to par dry the masks
  9. Hang the face masks to dry (ideally in direct sun and fresh air)
  10. Optionally reusable face masks can be dried near a heater, in a tumble dryer or ironed (check care instructions on the face masks for drying suitability)
  11. Turn your Scrubba wash bag MINI inside out and allow to dry.

 Scrubba MINI Face Mask

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