When Less Means More: Why The Scrubba Weightless Wallet?

When Less Means More: Why The Scrubba  Weightless Wallet? - Scrubba by Calibre8



The Scrubba weightless wallet is the small wallet that’s making a big difference.

As eco-travellers and outdoor enthusiasts, the environment is one of our top priorities.”

So says managing director, Ash Newland, who has always cherished the opportunity to do his bit for the world we all share. Combining this passion for travel and the outdoors, Newland turned his attention to developing an effective method for washing clothes on the go without using electricity or wasting water.

The Scrubba wash bag was born shortly after. 

Although it's been years since that initial spark of inspiration, nothing has changed. Always eager to refine and develop our range in accordance with both the environment's and our community's needs, it wasn't long before we set out to reduce waste by utilising the material off cuts produced during Scrubba wash bag production.


The Weightless Wallet: To Call it Minimalist Would Be An Understatement

While the small amount of material and our determination to consider only practical, top quality products that promised to work in harmony with both the Great Outdoors and the people who enjoy it, presented numerous challenges, it was only a matter of time until inspiration struck again and the concept of a lightweight, low-cost wallet capable of handling rough conditions became a reality.

Eventually, we expanded the wallet range to include material from all our wash bags, including the Scrubba Stealth pack (black), the Scrubba tactical bag (brown), and the Allurette washer (white). 

In repurposing excess material from our Scrubba wash bags, the weightless wallet is a 100% upcycled product that reflects our clean, light and free philosophy. This not only allows for top quality fabric at low cost, but also minimises waste, ultimately contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.



Maximum Features | Minimalist Design

The Scrubba weightless wallet has become one of our most popular products since its smashing crowdfunding campaign back in 2016, and not without good reason. Just take it from this recent review left on our website:

As suggested by the name, there is hardly anything to this wallet, yet it holds a dozen cards and cash as well. Unlike another minimalist wallet that I have tried (for cards only), the cards are protected from dust and lint in pockets without being held so tightly that frequently used cards wear and crack. Easy to forget that you have a wallet in your pocket – Callum M.

What makes it so great? An essential piece of outdoor gear that promises to effortlessly combat the blood, sweat and tears of even your roughest adventures, the weightless wallet punches well above its weight thanks to its:

  • Super thin and light material (7g)
  • Water- and sweat-resistant exterior
  • Tear-resistant seams
  • Double card compartment that allows for up to 12 cards

Light, sweat-resistant, and eco-friendly, the Scrubba weightless wallet perfectly complements travel and active lifestyles. Buy individually for only 14.95AUD, or as a handy 4 pack for 40AUD to lighten your load for your next adventure.

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