Our continuing commitment to a cleaner future.

The first-ever Scrubba was created with a single goal in mind – to travel further for less, with less.

220,000 Scrubba's later we still have the same goal and we've continued to ask the question how can we simplify our journeys, making them easier, save money and reducing our footprints as we travel?

Last year as a first step to combat single-use plastic and to circumvent new airport security restrictions and we launched our Scrubba travel tubes. While a relatively simple solution the response to the tubes has been overwhelming. So many of you have written in telling us of your travel stories from being able to take your favourite sunscreen on vacation, to not having to waste those little hotel shampoo bottles when on holiday.

This year we've launched another little product (not the Scrubba MINI!) to help combat single-use plastic use and travel hygiene - the new Scrubba straws. Made from the same ultra-high food grade silicon they’re the last straw you’ll ever need. You’ll never need to worry about drinking from a random bottle, or having to use single-use plastic straws on planes, airports, takeaway restaurants, or even at home, or cafes when you’re not travelling.

Last but not least, let's not forget about water. From the beginning, we committed to giving back to the most important 'ingredient' - water! Over the years we've been able to help Charity Water with several projects helping bring clean water to those in dire need. This year we've again been able to give Charity Water another round of financial support, this time in Ethiopia, to be completed by the Spring of 2020.

There's more information below, and stay tuned for more to come in the new year as we continue to find ways to make your future journeys simpler, easier and, most importantly, cleaner.

Straws are nothing new – but relatively speaking plastic (single use plastic that is) straws are – they’re a thing of the moment, but hopefully we can all make them
a thing of the past. Using the same ultra-high food grade silicone we're now offering Scrubba straws for eco-minded travellers who want to make the 'plastic' straw extinct.

Want to know more about straws? Here.
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Whether you've had your favourite holiday sunscreen, moisturiser or hand cream confiscated by airport security because you've picked a bottle that's 10ml more than legal, or it could be that you just hate the mini plastic bottles of hotel shampoos - the Scrubba travel tubes are perfect solution for travelling with only what you need. They also come in two sizes which are guaranteed to get you through any security checkpoint mess-free!

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Accessibility to safe water should be a right shared by all. During a trip to Laos and Cambodia, we saw first-hand how scarce clean drinking water can be in developing countries and we decided to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to tackling the issue of providing clean water to remote parts of the world. This year we're supporting a new Charity: Water project in Ethiopia. For more info on Charity: Water projects read on.

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From the outset, we sought to use as little packaging as possible. In the office, we've gone paper-free, and now just about everyone rides a pushbike to work. But our favourite 'saving' so far has been our 'Weightless Wallet' - made from 100% upcycled from excess Scrubba wash bag material, it offers top quality fabric at low cost while minimising impact to the environment. This contributes to a greener, cleaner world and ensures that fewer of the footprints you leave behind are of the carbon variety.

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Still the original, the only and the best, there are now of over 220,000 Scrubba wash bags roaming the world-saving travellers a 'tonne' of weight, money for washing as well as reducing the number of resources that you would otherwise use while away from home.

If you already use a Scrubba pat yourself on the back! If you haven't checked out the new Scrubba 'MINI' see it for yourself now.

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