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The Scrubba Waterclear Wash Bag

The Scrubba™️ wash bag has now been on the market for 12 years and over 400,000 travellers, campers and RVers have used the Scrubba wash bag to pack less, travel lighter and minimise their impact on the environment.

We are back on Kickstarter to launch our latest Scrubba wash bag.  One that looks sleeker, has more features and that we think you will absolutely love.  Introducing the Scrubba™️ Waterclear™️ wash bag - the world's smallest translucent portable washing machine.

See all the details of the new Scrubba Waterclear wash bag below or click 'HERE' to pre-order on Kickstarter (expected delivery June 2024).

How do you wash clothes in a Scrubba Waterclear wash bag?

Like all of our Scrubba wash bags, the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag works off the old fashion washboard principles.

 Back in the olden days clothes would be soaked in soapy water then vigorously rubbed up and down a washboard several times before being rinsed.

The process was remarkably fast and effective but was superseded by the convenience of washing machines.  While washboards can be used for travel, they tend to be bulky and rigid and require access to large sinks or tubs.  

This is where the Scrubba wash bag comes in as the first lightweight, flexible and self-contained form of the washboard for travel and camping.

What makes the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag different?

Comparable to the refreshing allure of a chilled drink in a frosted glass on a scorching day, the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag showcases a translucent TPU housing that becomes clearer as water fills it. Vibrant garments shine through during the washing cycle, transforming the rhythmic process into a captivating sensory and visual experience.

The Scrubba Waterclear wash bag also boasts a novel wide-mouth water inlet/outlet, facilitating effortless pouring out of dirty water post-wash and seamless addition of fresh water while maintaining a sealed housing. These new features collectively enhance clothes washing efficiency, convenience, and elegance, ideal for campgrounds, hotels, and cruise ships alike.

Packed With Features

All the features of the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag work together to give a fast and effective wash - instructions are even printed on the bag.  The optimal water level markings prevent overfilling and wastage of water.  The roll-top closure prevents leaks during the washing process.  The air release valve is designed to quickly remove air from the sealed bag to allow clothes to be pressed against the washboard.  

The flexible inner washboard is the heart of the Scrubba wash bag and it is designed to be effective yet gentle at washing clothes.  The washboard is backed by a moulded grip surface, which reduces sliding of the bag and enables more robust rubbing against the washboard.

Finally, the new water inlet/outlet lets you change the water without opening the bag making rinsing your clothes even easier.

How much can be washed in the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag?

The Scrubba Waterclear wash bag is sized to wash 2 days of summer wear in each load (i.e. 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of underwear and 2 pairs of socks - or a pair of jeans) and uses around 5 litres (1.3 gal) of water for a wash cycle and around the same for a rinse.

Optimal water level markings are printed on the bag.  For one day of summer wear, the lower water level marking uses around 2.5 litres (0.7 gal.) per cycle.  Less water can be used for less clothing. 

6 Easy Steps

Simply add water and cleaning liquid (or sheets), close the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag, remove air through the twist valve and rub the clothes against the washboard for as little as 30 seconds (3 minutes provides a machine quality wash). Then dispose of dirty water and rinse with fresh water using the new water outlet, wring clothes out and hang to dry.

Who is the Scrubba Waterclear wash bag for?

The Scrubba Waterclear wash bag is designed for travellers, campers or anyone else who needs to wash their clothes on the go.  It's convenience can even be used at home for fast small loads, baby clothes, etc.

Why pack a Scrubba wash bag?

A survey of 700 travellers showed that Scrubba wash bag users pack less and travel longer.  They love the convenience of being able to wash clothes anywhere - whether in a hotel room, the back country or in an RV.

On average they use the Scrubba wash bag every 2-3 days while travelling with an average total of 40 washes per year.  With Laundromats in Europe charging up to 8 Euro (~USD8.80 or ~AUD13.37) per load and hotels $5-$10 per item, a Scrubba wash bag will quickly pay for itself.n.

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