Scrubba Air Sleeve: Take Your Tech on the Road

Scrubba Air Sleeve: Take Your Tech on the Road - Scrubba by Calibre8


Laptops were made to connect with the world, not to be chained to a desk. Unleash their true potential.

The Scrubba Air Sleeve Outdoors


Another common travel problem. 
Another practical Scrubba solution. 

Our latest product, the self-inflating Scrubba Air Sleeve for tech protection and travel comfort, is breathing new life into the way people travel and commute.

For a long time now, we've been excited by the prospect of offering travellers an effective method of tech protection and we're thrilled to have made that goal a reality with the Scrubba Air Sleeve. A lightweight, durable and self-inflating laptop sleeve that doubles as a travel pillow, the Scrubba Air Sleeve promises to help you breathe easy and relax, confident your tech is protected. 

Following a successful crowdfunding run on Kickstarter, the Scrubba Air Sleeve is now available in 5 convenient sizes and 2 sleek colours. 


The Scrubba Air Sleeve with Strap


The Story Behind the Scrubba Air Sleeve

Why depart from our famous Scrubba Wash Bag range? As much as we love making it easier to do laundry while travelling, we're eager to keep innovating so we can solve even more of the problems frequently encountered by travellers. Recognising how important technology is in today's fast-paced, highly connected world and struggling to juggle our own devices while travelling, we turned our attention to the ever popular world of tech to see if we could make a meaningful difference. The aim was to design a durable and lightweight travel laptop sleeve that would enable portable devices to be used the way that was intended: unplugged and connected to the outside world. 

There's no denying that the Scrubba Air Sleeve has been an ambitious project that has presented many unique challenges. Yet, convinced we couldn't go wrong if we stuck to our passion for lightweight, durable and multifunctional travel products, we refused to let anything stand in our way. Many months and countless prototypes later, the self-inflating Scrubba Air Sleeve was born. 

Despite being a little different from our existing products, the Air Sleeve remains true to the Scrubba Wash Bag promise to make journeys of all shapes and sizes easier and encapsulates our commitment to quality and versatility. This has made it an ideal addition to our expanding travel and outdoor range. We couldn't be prouder!

 The Scrubba Air Sleeve for Business Travellers


Why You'll Love the Scrubba Air Sleeve

The Scrubba Air Sleeve is the latest in travel tech protection and has been especially designed for the increasing number of travellers and commuters who crave the flexibility to travel with technology. Self-inflating to provide instant protection against minor bumps and boasting a 300 denier, TPU nylon shell with a plush inner lining and neoprene side protection panels, this durable laptop sleeve gently cushions your tech while withstanding the hard knocks of life. Because here at the Scrubba, we want to help you smash your goals, not your gadgets!

Plush and lightweight, this inflatable laptop sleeve also doubles as a travel pillow, enabling you to work hard and rest easy, from the train to the local park, the cafe to the campus, and all commutes in between.

Check out the video below to see how the Scrubba Air Sleeve can help travellers and commuters bring a little extra comfort, protection and style into their office on the go. 



Scrubba Air Sleeve Features and Benefits

The Scrubba Air Sleeve boasts some awesome features that are bound to resonate with all you tech travel lovers:


The Scrubba Air Sleeve Features


The Scrubba Air Sleeve Features


Self-inflation technology. Wrap-around zipper. Versatility to be carried as either a sleeve or a satchel. Yep, it's fair to say the Scrubba Air Sleeve makes a pretty strong case for a soft shell. Take it along on your next journey to:  

  • Protect your laptop while travelling with versatile inflation technology. 
  • Relax in- and outdoors by using the sleeve as an inflatable pillow.
  • Stay active with less concern for your device.
  • Compress down for smaller, neater packing.

We could go on, but suffice it to say that there's something to benefit everyone who travels or commutes with a laptop or tablet. But don't take it from us! The Scrubba Air Sleeve has already had some awesome feedback from the people out there exploring the world this very minute:

"COTW is in love with Scrubba's new Air Sleeve laptop case. We travel bloggers rely heavily on our laptops to make our dreams reality, which means we’ll do anything to keep them safe. The Scrubba Air Sleeve protects our laptops from falls, bumps, and spills and gives us reassurance when we travel from place to place ... it also helps us catch up on sleep - wherever we go! This product is essential for any serious travel blogger" ~ Characters of the World, Travel Blog.

No matter where your journey takes you, you can see more and worry less with the Scrubba Air Sleeve. 


Expand Your Options with Self-Inflating Technology

An Airbag for your tech:

The Scrubba Air Sleeve not only self-inflates with a simple twist of its inbuilt valve, but also over-inflates with the help of just a few breaths. The over-inflated sleeve nestles your tech in a buoyant cushion of air, ideal for those moments when maximum protection is the priority - think cycling to work or abandoning your laptop to the unpredictability of the overhead cabins during heavy turbulence! 

A pillow for your head:

These multiple inflation levels also enable the Scrubba Air Sleeve to function as an adjustable, inflatable travel pillow, perfect for camping, catching up on some rest on the train, or even kicking back at the local park. To form a small, comfortable pillow, simply over-inflate the sleeve via the attached valve. The resulting pillow is functional even with a laptop inside, allowing you to sneak in a power nap without worrying about your device becoming a target of theft. For further comfort, fully unzip the sleeve, remove your device, and blow in more air until a large pillow is formed.

With a durable base ideal for rugged outdoor environments and a plush upper that insulates against noise and cold, the Scrubba Air Sleeve makes it easy to both work and rest in ultimate comfort and style. 


Inflation Levels of the Scrubba Air Sleeve Infographic

Scrubba Air Sleeve small pillow function
The Scrubba Air Sleeve makes for a comfy pillow anywhere.


Experience true freedom:

Tech exists to make our lives easier and, like our lives, it shouldn't fall short of its true potential by being chained to a desk every day. Life is at its best when you're out there living it, so grab your protective Scrubba Air Sleeve and take your tech on the road to start connecting with the outside world. 


The Scrubba Air Sleeve for cycling

The Scrubba Air Sleeve Large Pillow for Train Commutes
The Scrubba Air Sleeve transforms into a large inflatable travel pillow that is ideal for commuting.


Scrubba Air Sleeve Compatibility 

As travellers who have both lived and worked abroad and who continue to travel while blogging and conducting business, we're aware that flexibility is key. That's why the Scrubba Air Sleeve is available in tablet, 12", 13", 15" and 15.6" varieties, making it the ideal laptop sleeve for business travellers and students who may need to travel with numerous devices. The below table can help you choose the right Air Sleeve size for your device. 


Scrubba Air Sleeve Size Comparison Table 

The Scrubba Strap and Pouch Combo

For more versatility, check out the Air Sleeve's other half, the Scrubba Strap and Pouch Combo

The ultimate Air Sleeve companion, the Scrubba shoulder straps are lightweight and flexible to ensure portability and compact storage. Featuring 360 degree swivel clips for easy, secure attachment, they transform the Air Sleeve into a protective, minimalist satchel in next to no time, giving you maximum adaptability on the road.  

The neoprene cable pouch consists of a spacious inner compartment for laptop chargers, along with 4 inner stretch pockets designed to keep cables organised while travelling and simultaneously prevent them from scratching or damaging your other gear. The cable pouch also offers protection for small items like camera lenses and can be conveniently attached to the Air Sleeve's shoulder strap clip, enabling you to go truly hands-free to better connect to the world around you. 

The Scrubba Air Sleeve and Scrubba Strap and Pouch Combo make it simpler than ever to breathe easy and relax. Now you can go truly wireless and experience technology the way it was meant to be enjoyed by unplugging from your desk and connecting with the outside world. 

 Scrubba Shoulder Strap

Scrubba Cable Pouch Closed

Scrubba Cable Pouch

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