How the Scrubba Community Rallied in the Face of a National Crisis

by Sarah Home |

Green tree growing in amongst charred branches

Aggressive and wide-spread bushfires were a devastating reality across Australia in the 19/20 summer season, causing unprecedented damage, loss, and heartache which has been felt the world over. Together with the generosity of our amazing Scrubba customers, we were able to play a part in helping to support the incredible relief agencies, firefighters and affected communities in a time when it was needed most.

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Q&A The Wounded Pelicans

by Sam Stephens |

Would you risk your life to run the world's most dangerous ultramarathon? The Wounded Pelicans, an endurance duo with a passion for raising money for disease research, certainly would, and they might just be taking on the biggest challenge of their lives with 'The Big 10' project they've set themselves for 2017.

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