Allurette Microfibre Travel Towel  Scrubba by Calibre8
  Allurette Microfibre Travel Towel  Scrubba by Calibre8
  Allurette Microfibre Travel Towel  Scrubba by Calibre8
  Allurette Microfibre Travel Towel  Scrubba by Calibre8

Allurette Microfibre Travel Towel

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Perfect for 'par-drying' delicates and hand-wash only clothing. 

The ultra-soft Allurette gentle towel is ideal for 'par-drying' your delicates or active wear to expedite the drying process. Providing a soft, gentle environment that won’t snag or tear your clothing, it even folds down into its own portable carrycase. The Allurette gentle towel matches the Allurette washer’s sleek white colour scheme and has been designed with the same level of care in mind, making it the perfect companion for your new washer!

The Allurette gentle towel:

  • Measures 64x80cm when unfolded, and 18x15cm when folded in its packaging
  • Weighs 88g
  • Is suitable for most types of clothes
  • Is highly absorbent
  • Is fast-drying
  • Is made of ultra-soft microfiber.

How does it work? 

To par-dry, simply place the Allurette gentle towel on a flat surface with your wet clothes on top, then fold the towel over your garments and carefully press together. The towel’s highly absorbent microfiber material will quickly remove a large quantity of moisture from your clothes, reducing the overall amount of time required to dry them. We recommend pressing each item individually to achieve the best results.

The Allurette gentle towel is also a fantastic way to dry those items that are just too delicate for clotheslines or hangers, as clothes can simply be spread to dry on top of the towel. Just remember to replace your towel if it becomes fully saturated, and to always consult the clothing care label on your garments to determine the safest and most appropriate drying method.

Why microfiber?

We love the high absorbency and quick-drying properties of microfiber, and especially appreciate its portability, as the fabric is highly lightweight, durable, and easily compressible, making it ideal for travel or even home storage. We have ensured that our Allurette towel is as light and portable as possible not only by using high quality microfiber, but also by scaling back the size in order to create the optimal environment for delicate, ‘hand wash only’ items. Although this smaller size makes the Allurette gentle towel inefficient for use as a bath towel, it remains the perfect tool for patting yourself dry at the pool or gym, and therefore makes a great addition to any day bag.

Small, portable, highly absorbent, ultra-soft, and fast drying, the Allurette gentle towel is the perfect companion for your new Allurette washer and makes caring for your favourite clothes easier than ever!



    64 cm x 80 cm when laid flat

    18 cm x 15 cm when folded in its packaging.

    why pack a Scrubba bag?

    make your journey easier

    You will be able to wash clothes anywhere, anytime in just minutes. Pack less clothes, travel lighter and save money on laundry.

    minimise your environmental impact

    Each Scrubba wash bag saves an average 1000 litres of water and 7.5kg of carbon each year. Be a responsible traveller.

    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent for travel

    These washing bags are amazing! Great for travel. Wouldn't use anything else.

    Cherie Carter

    Great way to keep clothes fresh on the go. Packs down to very little in your luggage.